Liz Medina Ross

Founder, Owner and Lead Designer

CAME DESIGNS is a full-service interior design firm based in Miami, Florida, and is available for projects nationwide.

Founded by owner and designer Liz Medina Ross. Liz’s extensive background in design along with her love and appreciation of it lead her to follow her passion and start her own firm.

From design consulting, space planning, remodeling, e-design, and so much more, our team at CAME Designs is at your service to provide you with tailor-made designs for your lifestyle and home. We draw inspiration from our client’s desires and what they love, global travels, and the beauty that only nature can provide. We aim to create uniquely curated and well-planned spaces that are not only beautiful but liveable.

Allow us to create and design an inviting and well-designed space for you that lifts you up and you love to live in.

Our design services are extensive but if you don’ see what you need give us a call. Our team is here and ready to help!

Email me: liz@camedesigns.com



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