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3 Cs of Home Staging to Sell Your Home Fast!

Selling your home can be a very stressful time. With my help, it doesn’t have to be. I have the 3 Cs of home staging tips to help you sell your home fast in South Florida (or anywhere else for that matter)! These 3 are really simple and easy and require very little investment on your part, just maybe a little sweat equity. Ready to check them out?


No one wants their home to be remembered as the ‘smelly home’ right? We only have one opportunity to make a good impression. Before we list our home it is critical to take time to deep clean the floors, furniture, rooms, etc. Professional home cleaning services are a great investment for this and not a huge investment. We want to remove musty or pet smells that may be lingering in our home. Sometimes we don’t smell them anymore so enlisting the help of a scent checker friend is a good idea. You can find odor eliminators easily at home improvement stores for not a lot of money. Home fragrances that remind us of a spa or freshly baked cookies are very inviting!


We may not notice all the clutter we have accumulated in our home through the years. But potential buyers will see the ‘stuff’ and not your home if it is cluttered. We want to also clear the home of all personalized items like pictures of family and friends. Why do you ask? Remember that you are trying to get your home ready to sell. We want potential buyers to see themselves living there. A home that is full of personal pictures buyers will see you and your family and it will be hard to envision theirs. Before listing your home is the perfect time to start packing things away in preparation for your move. Pack away those pictures, extra nicknacks, extra or large furniture pieces, and collectibles that are special to you but may not be to potential buyers. A professional home stager can provide their expert design services and give you great ideas for the items that should be removed and stored versus those we want to keep in the home. When a room is clear of clutter it can look bigger, roomier which will be very appealing to all potential buyers.


Lastly, but even most important, is to create a design in your home that focuses the eye on features of the home that you want to emphasize and diverts the eye from those we don’t. This is easily done with the help of a great home staging professional. A home stager can see what you have currently in the way of furnishings and accessories to help you create spaces that are beautiful with emotional connections throughout. It is so easy to upgrade the look of a home with new accessories. Pillows, vases, art are just a few ways we can upgrade the look giving your home a more modern feel.

Remember my 3 Cs of home staging. Let’s clean, clear, and create and watch offers pour in for your beautiful home. You can do this!

I have customizable home staging and design services that can help you with any budget you may have. If you want to find out more check out my home staging services.

Let’s sell your home fast!


CAME DESIGNS is a full-service interior design firm based in Miami, Florida, and is available for projects nationwide.

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