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6 Easy Ways to Redecorate When Stuck at Home

During this strange time, we have all been spending a lot more time at home. This has given us the opportunity to look around and work on projects perhaps we never got around to or especially to redecorate. When we are spending more time at home we want that space to work for us and to make us happy. Redecorating in easy simple ways can create new looks without costing us anything at all or very little. I have 6 easy ways to redecorate when stuck at home. You will find these simple and better yet, cost no money to implement.

Review Layout

Play with your layout. Sometimes moving your furniture around and trying different layouts can make a room feel completely different. Create cozy spaces by moving the sofa away from the walls and bringing chairs close in. Place a desk in an office at an angle to see how interesting it can look. The options are endless.

Mirrors, Mirrors!

Mirrors can easily make a space look bigger, all smoke and mirrors as they say. If a mirror is opposite a window it can reflect light into the room and make it brighter. A big beautiful mirror is great over a fireplace or over a buffet as a statement piece. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can create a lot of interest while expanding the space or reflecting a beautiful view. Small mirrors in a grouping can be an art display that can bounce the light in the room around.

Create Beautiful Displays

We are halfway through my 6 easy ways to redecorate when stuck at home! Take a look at your wall units. Are they overcrowded with stuff? Wall units look beautiful with shelves that are coordinated and organized. Placing books on their side with a beautiful item on top and on the opposite side of the shelf an item that you love to display will balance the shelf nicely. Coordinating the colors or the theme that you are displaying on shelves or tables is a great idea too. Remember the simple design rule of 3. Displays look best when in groups of 3. If your collectibles are spread out throughout your home then they lose impact. Consider placing a large number of your collectibles together for a bigger impact, and they will be noticed!

Eliminate Furniture

Take a look at your rooms. Do you need all the pieces you have? Are some of them bigger than you need? Sometimes removing an extra piece of furniture and rearranging things can create a more cohesive room. Sometimes we inherited a piece and we ‘found’ a place for it. Perhaps now is the time to pass the piece along to a new home. Sometimes I decide to use a little side table from one room as a nightstand in another. If you have a beautiful chair or little table that is not getting noticed, move it to a new spot where it can take center stage. Repurposing furniture is always a great idea too. A little side table can become a small desk or entryway catch-all. Be creative and think outside the box.

Store Items Away

Sometimes we can end up with a lot of personal items lying around like hand lotions or keys. We can find great storage solutions that can double for small ottomans or benches or beautiful baskets to keep our personal items neatly stored away. This makes it an easy tidy up situation when you have unexpected guests pop in and you want to clear up. Very quickly we can place these personal items in an ottoman storage box and it will be out of sight and you still have an ottoman as additional seating. Two birds for the price of one! I love especially in small spaces to have pieces that serve multiple purposes.

Define Areas

If you live in an open concept home, like a condo, you may want to define the different areas. This can easily be done using area rugs. To define the living area from the dining area that is adjacent, place an area rug in the living area under the sofa and chairs. This creates a cozy living space that is defined with the furniture placement and the area rug. This can give the illusion of a large space when our eye can see the separate areas as opposed to one large room.

There you go! Being stuck at home can be fun. With my 6 easy ways to redecorate when stuck at home you will be living in a space that is more comfortable and more beautiful for you and you invested no money. You can always reach out to a professional home stager and redesigner in your area, like us at CAME Designs in South Florida, to very inexpensively provide you design assistance to redecorate and repurpose your home to love!


CAME DESIGNS is a full-service interior design firm based in Miami, Florida, and is available for projects nationwide.

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