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Green and Grey – New Favorite Color Story

Grey is here to stay!

Love it or hate it, the grey trend in decorating is going nowhere. However, I am loving the new trend of combing tones of grey with other colors for a beautifully neutral yet bold palette. My new favorite color story is dark shades of greens and greys!

Although beige and greens and blues are having a moment this year, the grey trend is still popular as a neutral base. The greens bring nature into our homes and when combined with lighter walls and furnishings this can be so calming, soothing even though the accents are dark. See the picture in my blog of the bedroom with the throws, pillows, and chairs in these accent colors.

Different tones of grey or charcoal with different tones of dark mossy greens are such a perfect match! I always thought that greys and blacks for that matter needed a bright pop of color. Don’t get me wrong the pop of color can be fun, contemporary, and appropriate. But when you combine cool grey tones and dark green tones, the effect is for me so soothing and can easily be elegant too.

Grey doesn’t have to be boring!

A dark green accent wall in an otherwise neutral and lightroom can be a beautiful backdrop to art, mirrors lighting. It will add virtual interest and depth to a room. You can see this as an example in my blog picture of the beautiful green wall.

If you have a beautiful window that shows off trees and the greenery outdoor, what a great way to bring the outside in with GREEN. We don’t have to use plants as the only way of bringing the outside in. Just by bringing in this beautiful color we find in nature it will do the trick. In the picture below I just LOVE this room! The huge windows bring in so much light. The neutral floors, table and light grey neutral sofa all are the perfect backdrop to the beautiful dark green chairs and art that brings all the colors together! This neutral room is not boring! Not grey! It’s just beautiful!

Don’t be afraid of grey! Don’t hate grey. It’s a great neutral and with these dark greens, a perfect match to create a gorgeous space! I hope this can show you ways to use my new favorite color story for beautiful designs.

I color combinations can be intimidating. It is hard to see what works and what doesn’t work together if you don’t understand color. I am a certified color expert and I can help you design a space with a color that you will love. Reach out to me at CAME Designs and I will be happy to assist you with your custom color consultation.


CAME DESIGNS is a full-service interior design firm based in Miami, Florida, and is available for projects nationwide.

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